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I am an atheist, in fact, I describe myself as a Humanist for I believe in the good in people, not mythical beings.

Places to avoid

This is a section for establishments that openly promote religion:

National Chains
In-n-Out Burger
Alaska Airlines (include bible quotes with meals)
Forever 21 (puts John 3:16 on their tags)
Country Bob's sauces (look who the CEO is)
Edwards frozen pies (bible verse on pie tin)
Desert Essence (beauty products)
Estes (aquarium stones)
Food for Life (baked goods)
Brim's Old South (chips and the like)
Daniel Chapter One (look at the mission statement at the bottom)
Curves (gyms, leaves bibles in workout areas)
Aldi Foods (has buybull verses on the inside of egg cartons)

Carter Brothers Bar-B-Que North Carolina

Franchises (companies who don't seem to be religiously affiliated but might have franchisees who do)

If you know of any others, please send me a message giving me the name of the company and if possible a link to the company's website showing that they promote religious ideas.

For example http://www.incrediblepizza.com/about.php If you look at bullet number 3 under the mission statement. "We operate our business by Christian principles". The alternate of this would be if they have a religious symbol on their products and/or building. In the case of the pizza company, they have the jebus fish on the doors as you walk in.

I have to give credit to the religutards over at http://www.prophecyfellowship.org/archive/index.php/t-147138.html who posted most of these for me to find so easily!

*Megaplex Theatres is owned by the Larry H Miller Corp who gives 10% of their earnings to the LDS church

If you have the name and possibly a website of a company who proseltyzies a religion and would like me to add it, please comment on this post: http://yamipirogoeth.blogspot.com/2010/07/places-to-avoid.html

Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 Myths about Atheists pt4

Atheism is a white dude thing.

This one I can see where the misconception comes from though. I mean look at who some of the most vocal atheists are: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris

All of them are white guys.

Does this mean that atheism is a white dudes only thing?

Absolutely NOT!

I know people who are far from being a "white dude" that are atheist.

This would be like arguing that because America is filled mostly with christians that America is a "christian nation" ...oh...wait...religtards already do that and yeah, it still is a very stupid analogy as to what someone is or believes or ascribes to.

Atheism should be approached like meeting another culture, ask questions in a genuine way to find out why someone is an atheist, not say stupid shit like "oh, you're female and Hispanic  You must be a catholic stay at home mom". Just...no, don't even.

The Earth has over 7 billion people on it...they most certainly are not ALL white and male (sounds horrible actually) so don't assume that because someone isn't white that they still think religion is crazy and have no need for gods/goddesses that have ever been dreamt up.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 Myths about Atheists Part 3

Atheists are aggressive and rude.

Ok, I will admit there are some that are aggressive and rude, however, that can be said of ANY grouping of people. You will always be able to find the aggressive or rude person if you look at enough groups and as those groups get larger those individuals will be easier to find.

Sure I could play the No True Scotsman card, however I'm not going to stoop to such tactics. I realize that there are atheists out there that can be rude and aggressive, hell, I have been before and I'm sure there will be moments in the future where I will be again. Does this mean that I always am? Absolutely not, and that can be said about anyone like that regardless of the group. Sure today they may be aggressive and rude but normally they could be an amazing person.

As far as the aggressive part of that, most atheists are aggressive about the point that religion is not good which is still a pretty passive aggressive stance. Proselytizing however is much more aggressive, not in the way of anger but in that it pushes the idea and puts it out front...most notably mormons on this. Again, this can be found in any group, some form of proselytizing, that will always come off as aggressive, but this is also a subjective thing. To me, I see what mormon missionaries do is extremely aggressive in that they go to your house to tell you about joe, jebus and god and do it in a near if not annoying fashion...but to them, they see it as something important and life changing and needed...so it's all about perspective on the subject.

Ultimately it will come down to this, if you are talking to someone who you know is an atheist and you think they are being aggressive or rude, take a moment to stop, think about what they are saying, not as an assault on you or your religious beliefs but as a person talking to another person, you'll see that it's a lot less aggressive and rude than you previously thought....simply by changing your perspective on the situation...I would also advise fellow atheists to do the same with any religious believer you are speaking with.

Even if you can't do that, at least be civil to each other.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Someone wrote a song that didn't flatter jebus...

So someone shared a link to this story on my Facebook page about Johnny Depp http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=687499&fb_ref=FB&fb_source=home_oneline

And then I see this part "Lee Douglas of The Christian Coalition adds, "I'm sure he thinks he's being very funny but he's simply a disgrace. One day, Johnny Depp and his cronies will face the judgment of our Lord and they will burn in hell for this filth.""

Now, I can't help but laugh at how utterly STUPID this comment is. I'm not just sure, I can pretty much guarantee that Johnny Depp thinks he's being funny and that's his entitlement to do so. If it makes fun of someone's assholish superhero, too damn bad! It's called freedom of speech, and while they enjoy it, they can't force their ideals on others that they don't like, it doesn't work that way.

"It is a slap in the face to Christians all over the world." And then this...I'm sorry...a simple song does not slap xians all over the world in the face...their own religion is a slap in the face to themselves as they come off as rather moronic in that regard.

Well, as hilarious as the hate groups are responding to the song, here's the best rendition of lyrics as listed by people who've listened (there are no official lyrics I've seen so far)

Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady
Bloody thorns 'round his ears like he was a crazy
He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine
Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine

He said, "There's great sadness in life, but don't sit there and blub:
Here's some tickets for your friends to the Jesus Stag Night Club!"

I can't remember where I was last night
Think I was hanging naked off a church spire
Tied by my ankles to a weathervane
Felt like I was Jesus on fire 
Cuffed to the bumper of a big truck
I begged my dad (?) to take me to a strip bar
Drank kerosene slammers through my eyeballs
Drove myself home in a stolen car

Turn a bird upside down and it lies in your fingers like a dead man
When you throw it in the air it's resurrected from your hand
We went to a motel, he showed me his Bible
I said, "Tell me the truth," while he looked me in the eyeball 
He said, "There's great happiness in life but don't just sit there in love:
Here's some tickets for your friends to the Jesus Stag Night Club!" 
I can't remember where I was last night
Think I was getting on a night bus
Lyin' on the laps of my good friends
Judas Priest and Lazarus 
I'm getting married in the big bad morning
But it feels like I'm giving birth
I feel so happy I could scream
"This is my last few seconds on Earth" 
Saw a man in the street lying on the floor beaten up
He had a fish finger sandwich and a yellow-handled (?) coffee cup
I bent down drunk and tried to pick him up
But when I turned around I could see...it was Jesus...

I can't remember where I was last night
Think I was hanging on a church spire
Tied by my ankles to a weathervane
Felt like I was Jesus on fire 
Cuffed to the bumper of a big truck
I begged my dad (?) to take me to a strip bar
Drank kerosene slammers through my eyeballs
Drove myself home in a stolen car
I can't remember where I was last night
Think I was getting on a night bus
Lyin' on the laps of my good friends
Judas Priest and Lazarus 
I'm getting married in the big bad morning
But it feels like I'm giving birth
I feel so happy I could scream
"This is my last few seconds on Earth!"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

10 Myths about Atheists Part 2

Atheists are just angry with God.

I actually have 2 thoughts regarding this statement.

First is the logical fallacy that's in action here. How can someone who doesn't believe in god/s be angry at something that's non-existent? That's like saying that you're mad at the air...or the pink unicorn...or the flying spaghetti monster...you just can't be mad at something that isn't there.

Second, I don't know (and they are mostly online and read what they've said and a few in person) a single atheist who has EVER claimed to be an atheist simply because they were "mad with god". I'm sure of this for 2 reasons, one of them is the first part of this post, the second is that they have looked at religion and realized that it is full of logical fallacies, unsupported literature, and a lack of evidence that has driven them to the decision to be an atheist. It's not something based on faith, it's something based on observable evidence and religion has none of that, particularly outside of it's related dogmatic texts.

So why do theists say that "atheists are mad at god and that's why they're atheists!!" (just picture someone putting their fingers in their ears, closing their eyes and yelling that at the top of their lungs)?

Simply put, they don't take the time to actually talk to an atheist, they just regurgitate the same bogus information that has been fed to them since they were young by their parents, their religious leader, and even their neighborhood sometimes. I can guarantee them, that if they took the time to speak to several atheists (not one, cause one person does NOT represent an entire demographic) they would see that they have been given disinformation for years and years.

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Myths about Atheists Part 1

So I'm gonna get this next set of multi-part entries started.

There are no atheists in foxholes.

I can't even begin to say how stupid this statement is and shows very little information about the actual people who are in the military.

To begin with, and in a very large way, we have what Justin Griffith is doing over on his website http://rockbeyondbelief.com/ He has covered a great many items pertaining to the military as well as outside of the military. For example, the recent "I love jebus" thing done at an elementary school. Though, I think most of what he has covered is military related.

Then there's all the Military Religious Freedom Foundation over at http://www.militaryreligiousfreedom.org/ This group definitely supports atheists in the military, but I've seen them represent christians who have even had issues with the proselytizing of some evangelical groups within the military.

As we can see, these are 2 rather influential groups/people that show that there are indeed atheists in foxholes and they're doing the damndest to make sure we enjoy the rights we have as Americans. I know its a week past but I would call for those currently enlisted as well as those who are veterans to be remembered on a daily basis as they give up their life daily to protect all of ours.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Upcoming posts

I'm just writing to give an update of some planned future posts. I can across a list called "10 myths about Atheism" that I will go into in detail on my thoughts with each one. Yes, there may still be some unplanned posts like the one previous to this as I live around and am friends with some who are still hardcore mormons...so we'll have to see what hilarity...or bullshit...will ensue.

Cross case in Utah being dragged out...

To start off, if you hadn't heard, American Atheists sued the state of Utah for allowing the Utah Highway Patrol Association to but giant roman crosses (they look like lower case t's) in spots where Utah Highway Patrolmen have lost their lives in the line of duty. The initial ruling was that the crosses are allowed, but the appeals court said they are a violation of the separation clause in the first amendment as the cross is a sectarian symbol. Well, here in good old crazy religious fucknut Utah we have a state rep named Carl Wimmer who wants to pass a state law allowing the crosses to be on the public land...despite the appeals court saying they're illegal and the Supreme Court won't take the case.

So I posted the recent news article on my Facebook page regarding Wimmer's asinine obsession of pushing this illegal AND costly law into Utah law. http://www.heraldextra.com/news/opinion/signals-crossed-on-crosses/article_053a63c8-5673-5360-b6c6-007df392771a.html This is the website of the newspaper for the cities around the mormon university...a.k.a. BYU. The author obviously skewed this for the poll off to the left to get people to say to leave the eye sores. But when I posted this to Facebook, this is what I included in my post:

I love the absolute stupidity this author spews, case in point: "That a few hyper-anti-religionists can succeed at removing what has become a purely secular symbol from our roadsides only adds another layer of tragedy to the deaths of troopers who died while protecting us." 
Really? if it's a secular symbol that means that EVERY church who uses it is now in violation on the first amendment, specifically the separation of church and state. 
As for the poll, you should vote with "Erect alternative memorials" cause the cross IS a sectarian symbol and who in their right mind wants to be memorialized with a torture device?

What follows is a couple of exchanges from my friend that I've mentioned on my blog before and his wife. He will be identified with Red text, she will be identified with Blue text and my replies will be in Green.

First reply: Thats like saying people cant publicly wear a cross around their neck. Its their family's memorial, if you dont like it dont look at it.

Wife dose have a good point. Beside, there are much more worse things to be worrying about in this Country besides why 14 memorial crosses shouldn't have been erected. Why do you focus so much on things like this? Why focus on such things at all? OK, so you don't believe in God, that's fine. No one is forcing "YOU" to believe in anything. Arguing about things like this is just a waist of time. Not to mention all it dose is cause heated feuds between people. :-)

However, it's on public land, what a person wears on them is their own business but seeing that there is ONLY the roman cross on public land is what makes it a violation. Besides, as I said at the end of my original point, why would you want to use a torture device as a memorial, that's just morbid

Wow THEYR DEAD. The family has lost a loved one in a bad way. Maybe you should get over your self. i'm sorry to be rude but i take this very insulting that you care more about you being "Offended" over a cross than the familys heart ach. Dont add to thier pain even more. I mean whats most important here???

Morbid maybe. But to some, it is a sacred symbol. :-)>

I'm not saying they shouldn't be honored, I've never once said that, what I'm saying is the state should have realized what this is costing them by not overseeing the UHPA and making sure they chose an all inclusive memorial. And they could very easily fix it where it would be more of a memorial than an issue, put up a replica bad that you can see driving by at 65mph where you see the state seal and the trooper's information, there, problem fixed AND they're being honored without all the legal litigation.

*replica badge not bad, stupid typos (I tend to do this on Facebook too often...I hate typos -_-)

True. But this is how society is. I understand where you are coming from tho. lol I think unless it directly involves you, I wouldn't dwell on such topics. :-)>

The reason for separation of church and state is the same reason we came to the Americas. So we are free to worship as we so choose or in your case, not to worship. Not for you to take away religion. Whats more important, you being offended or adding to a family's heart ache because they cant have a proper memorial for their loved one as they so choose??? Dont you think you are taking this a little too far? You looking at a cross doesnt force you to believe anything. You might as well say they cant have a cross on his tombstone because its in your eyesight. Or churches cant have a cross where people can see it. That cross is not hurting anyone so why should you?

It doesn't force me to believe anything, however, it IS a christian symbol and it is the ONLY religious symbol on government owned land which is an endorsement of said religion. The UHPA won't put up any other symbols which isn't allowed by the First Amendment. Again, I'm not saying they shouldn't be honored, they should for the sacrifices that they did, but what the UHPA did by putting up ONLY the cross is what was illegal in their actions, if they had actually met with proper legal counsel before moving forward with that decision they wouldn't be met with lawsuits right now. Even then, the point of the article I posted here is how Carl Wimmer wants to waste tax payer money defending what the courts have already said to take down, so at this point he is trying to push religion onto public land by doing so.

First off, you'll notice some second rate apologetics going on here from his wife, particularly the "its not hurting anyone" bullshit line. My last reply there was 3 hours ago so I'm not expecting a reply until later today. It's obvious neither of them understand the issue here and are just trying to do the "if I ignore it, it will go away" line of thinking.

Now, what I want to know is if any of what I said seemed out of line? Cause honestly it came off that his wife was accusing me of something I sure as hell didn't do. Any thoughts? Please leave a comment.